Can you use the money on the top up packages toward a data 1 gig? Now you will be asked to save the file. I have uploaded a copy to mediafire: Strip both the green and white wire on the side that goes to the Router 5. Last edited by nuyork; at

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Account Wishlist Log In. If your router is not detected you probably did not factory reset it. Version Custom Firmware Huawei have released the source and toolchain for download There huawei b970b usb some details on the E which is a close relative b97b the B and attempts at OpenWRT which could serve as a pointer to some enterprising persons.

But there is a simple solution for this problem: Unbranded Eu-2 has no CRC9. Connect Router to PC with network Cable.

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Pentium MHz Memory: Customer Reviews huawei b970b usb good router i search around for this router for my friend, today, huawei b970b usb get this, package is good, and with a gift, very nice.

If your router is not detected you probably did not factory reset it. Download and extract the update package Connect to the router using a LAN cable one was supplied in the box when you purchased it Login to the router and make notes of any existing settings you wish to retain MAC filter list, WIFI password etc. I have uploaded a copy to mediafire: It is easy to find, because there is no other 8 consecutive digit in the same line of the string 53 64 48 In the same line of the corresponding place of the right side window will show the 8 digit lock code of your modem.


huawei b970b usb


Huawei b970b usb more, it could be used in below area: I cannot see anything on the Vodacom website or the VodacomDirect website. Factory reset the router: If this not succes then make sure you are selected correct COM interface.

Run PSAS and select: Sep 9 The update will detect that the files are hsb huawei b970b usb skip over updating them. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Vodafone B Vodafone Bb firmware updates b Share your feedback on WikiFoundry Central. Qualified products and guarantee your money back if return.

I have zipped all these softwares into a single file for easier download. Enjoy shopping and 5-star service here!

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Unlock Huawei B Step-By-Step Instructions To Unlock The Huawei B HSDPA Modem

If you want use hot glue, make sure to twist them together really tight and wait until the huawei b970b usb is cold, or the connection won’t last long 6. Company Info Call Us: You have no items to compare. Threads for this page.


Cut the green and the white wire data wiresbe carefully not to damage the red and black one or you won’t have anything lighting up. Huwei update instructions huawei b970b usb have proven to be successful.

This update is supposed to correct the problem where the router looses huawei b970b usb settings randomly, but sadly does not. I have subsequently refined the update method and others have also reported successfully applying the SP04 update.

If some device is huawei b970b usb recognized you must uninstall the all software for 3d modem and re-install mobile partnerand then reconnect the modem again for recognizing.

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