Been gaming with it for 4 years now and it’s still going strong. When my G35 headset clip broke they had me send it back and sent me a new one. They have one of the best customer support systems out there. The G5 only lasted 2 years, but I loved that thing. I have replaced it and keep it in my “emergency computer parts” box.

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Factory Logitech Mx510 MX 510 Performance Optical Mouse

Have one for more than 5 years, then it died. I’ve had them last far longer than that. I just got a new one yesterday. Generally logitech mx510 mouse it in a few times would get it working again but it became logitech mx510 mouse great annoyance. Sometimes when I click it intermittently double clicks which is really goofing up my workflow. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. I feel logitech mx510 mouse I am going to hold a special memorial service for it when it finally goes, it’s been through my entire PC gaming career.

I love this little bitch. Still really want to get new feet for my mouse. They’re great because Logitech has amazing customer service as well.

The Logitech Mice are very sturdy though. Had to replace the right click micro switch but no problems since. No complaints whatsoever; it still works like a charm. I have logitech mx510 mouse Logitech mouse!


We can’t guarantee the Logitech M mouse will boost your productivity, but at this price I’ve tried 5 different mice in that time period and nothing beats my old mouse. Bought mine in Ergonomically speaking, it’s not quite as good as the now-defunct Kensington TurboBallwhich I found perfect in nearly every way except for one glaring shortcoming: He didn’t really care about the thing, but I was able to logitech mx510 mouse a detailed comparison of his mouse to mine to other lasers to other mice.

I was blown away by their customer service. Don’t show this again. I had an MX for a solid decade before it crapped out. On its 4th continent. Available in a hypnotic red or blue finish, the logitech mx510 mouse also boasts an ergonomic design that’ll appeal to gamers and professionals alike.

The left click gave out but it put up with so much abuse and it still worked it just logitech mx510 mouse 1 out of 3 clicks unless you used the very bottom of the button.

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The mods are somewhat flexible with the rules as long as logitech mx510 mouse OP explains in the comments. In total, I’ve gone through 3 different models, 2 of which have died and been replaced under warranty with absolutely no fuss.

BIFL product posts must include the Brand, years logitech mx510 mouse or Date of purchase Circa the decade is acceptable on items older than No Home-made items and no new or unreleased products No referral codes or affiliate links.


I logitech mx510 mouse a similar experience until I bought a G The G solves this problem. Mluse just got the t their new touchpad. But in terms of performance, feel, and appearance, the Logitech MX makes a great choice for anyone who wants more logitech mx510 mouse their mouse. I only have the G and I thought the cable might be the only weak mouae, because it seems to be only half as thick as on the old mx, looks quite flimsy.

Logitech MX Mouse Repair – iFixit

I’ve had mine for about a decade and it still works like a charm and logitech mx510 mouse still my favorite mouse.

Even when they do break which is rareall you need to do is call support and ask for logitech mx510 mouse replacement and they will typically just give it to you even out of warranty. No visible damage to the cord.

I pulled it apart because why not.

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