This section describes how to use the createStatement method of a Connection instance, and the executeUpdate or executeQuery method of a Statement instance, to execute a SQL statement within a Java application. TimesTen provides the ttOptSetFlag built-in procedure for setting various flags, including the PassThrough flag to temporarily set the passthrough level. This saves considerable time and effort during development and debugging. In TimesTen you can set the SqlQueryTimeout general connection attribute to specify the timeout period in seconds for the connection, and therefore any statement on the connection. This section includes the following topics.

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Varrays and nested tables are not supported as bind parameters.

There is support for getMetaData in ResultSet. Implement a client failover event listener.

Timesten – JDBC

The vendor-specific exception code will be set to TimesTenVendorCode. Here is the timesten jdbc code of sample class: When your application has a direct driver connection to the data tkmesten, TimesTen functions share stack space with your application. The free method does not exist in Java timesten jdbc.

For the SQL statement above, the two occurrences of a are considered to be a single parameter, so cannot be bound separately:. A rowid value can be timesten jdbc in timesten jdbc binary or character format, with the binary format taking 12 bytes and the character format 18 tomesten.


Connect to an Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database using Java and JDBC

Register the client failover listener instance At runtime you must timesten jdbc an instance of your failover event listener class with the TimesTen connection object, so that TimesTen will be able timesten jdbc call the notify method of the listener class as needed for failover events. And application servers do not implement and register an instance of ClientFailoverEventListenerbecause this is a TimesTen extension.

In some situations, such as timestwn from a deadlock or lock timeout, you should explicitly roll back the transaction using the Connection method rollbackas in the following example. When fatal errors occur, TimesTen performs the full cleanup and recovery procedure: This section covers the timesten jdbc additional features:.

TimesTen returns warnings when something unexpected occurs. FailoverEventtimesten jdbc is an enumeration type where the value can be one of the following:. TimesTen provides timesten jdbc ttOptSetFlag built-in procedure for setting various flags, including the PassThrough flag to temporarily set the passthrough level.

Application performance is influenced by the choice of set XXX calls and by any required data transformations timesten jdbc invocation.

Use the StatementPreparedStatementor CallableStatement method close to close a statement you have finished using it. If you use the DriverManager. A direct connection can only be made from a program that is running on same server as the TimesTen timeten.

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timesten jdbc ConnectionPoolDataSource use the synchronous mechanism noted previously to handle stale objects on the failed connection.

Ad ditional TimesTen Interfaces.

Connect to an Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database using Java and JDBC

Reader object or as a stream of characters. This section describes the steps involved:.

See “Connect to the database” for an example. Do not use getString to retrieve primitive numeric types, like byte or intunless it is absolutely necessary. This support applies only when using Java 6 ttjdbc6. RowId support applies only for Java 6 ttjdbc6. Java EE application servers manage pooled connections, so applications are not able to listen for events on pooled connections.

Timesten jdbc section discusses how to check for, identify, and handle errors in a TimesTen Java application. This chapter describes the basic procedures for writing a Java application timesten jdbc access data in a TimesTen data store. Access control cannot timesten jdbc disabled.

Here is the source code of sample class:. You can configure TimesTen to write a yimesten to the support log and throw an SNMP trap when the execution of a SQL statement exceeds a specified time duration, in seconds.

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