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I have tested the keyboard, display, TrackPoint and mouse-buttons, and the volume and contrast dials, and these are all fine, but I did not have any suitable CD-ROMs or floppy disks around to test the CD-ROM and floppy disk drives, so I wasn’t able to check these. I knew I could sell the software on ebay for about the same price as the Toshiba lap-top, so it was a no-brainer, even though it wouldn’t turn on. But as I was wandering round my local car boot sale early one Sunday morning I came across this tidy old laptop. Right, lets get this baby ready to connect to the internet. Tue Jul 19, Last edited by NinjaRabbit; 4th September at If I remember correctly, I’ve successfully run Knoppix on it as well.

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Toshiba Satellite CDS Laptop Notebook Printer in SAMSONITE Bussiness Case | eBay

I am keeping the hard drive toshiba 4000cds another project, so you will have to supply this part yourself! Very slow, as is expected Final price-drop “No need to design a new game – just change toshiba 4000cds 4000dds in these few basic designs and put a picture of Indiana Jones on the box!

I have, however done some “service-trimming”, so it’s only running the services that are absolutely necessary. Please can this be closed?

Toshiba Satellite 4000CDS Specifications

I knew I could sell the software on ebay for about toshiba 4000cds same price as the Toshiba lap-top, so it was a no-brainer, even though it wouldn’t turn on.


Another car boot bargain I hope! If you have a 2,5″ drive lying around this might be a good idea. If you’ve read toshiba 4000cds of my other articles, reviews, etc, you’ll have noticed that a lot of the stuff Toshiba 4000cds use is old or could be termed legacy.

Nov 10, Posts: Postage costs really are frustrating.

I toshjba stear clear of Laptopspreferring toshiba 4000cds pcs or PDAs. Cosmetically, the machine is in fairly decent shape, though it has some scuffing to the lid, and the previous owner must have been a bit of a fidgety sort, because the seals that cover up the screw-holes on the monitor surround have been picked at, and the plastic bars on the little door covering 4000cvs PCMCIA slots have been pulled off.

I personally wouldnt bother messing around with it unless you’ve seriously got nothing better to do and dont mind some frustration. Declaring interest pending on toshiba 4000cds to Greece Wed Jul 20, 4: I 40000cds like the toshiba 4000cds of being able to piggy back on other peoples internet connections, but thats a differnent ball game altogther!

Toshiba 4000cds 30, Posts: Last edited by NinjaRabbit; 4th September at By default, these machines were supplied with Microsoft Windows 98, so this would probably make a good retro-computing device for old applications if you still have this OS kicking around.

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By Amigafanboi in forum Sales Archive. Definately can run linux. Xyphus Ars Praetorian Tribus: Works fine for web browsing and word processing. I bought it a few years ago to do some retro-computing stuff with, toshiba 4000cds simply never got around to it, and now it’s just taking up space. Feb 20, Posts: It also runs Puppy Linux toshiba 4000cds nicely, if a lightweight modern system is of interest.

toshiba 4000cds There are also a bunch of little spots of red emulsion on the keyboard and on the display – Toshiba 4000cds can only assume that the previous owner left it tsohiba whilst painting a room.

Tue Jul 19, 8: No manual or software came with it. I’m currently running XP Pro on this laptop, which works fine considering the specs.

Enter your search terms Submit search form. Welcome to tohsiba Ars OpenForum. Jul 8, Posts: I love the idea of being able to use my new note-book anywhere in toshiba 4000cds house, or at hotspots anyway. So if I can track down compatabile memory, it may toshiba 4000cds feasable to put Linux on it

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