These are virtual UUIDs, not real ones. Please do not post photographs from your cell phone? Anyway, I’ve converted all my PCs now to Windows 7 host. Just to add another stat: And that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. Are read-write access to registers effectively altering the contents of other related registers?

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X any of the version have still the same issue.

And that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. Contact — Privacy policy — Terms of Use. Because of chop sample rate conversion maybe?

Install the ac97 driver as specified in the stack overflow link. Do you support all the needed register access orders used by drivers? The network access is also working and I can browse the internet through the Ubuntu guest.

Windows 7, Virtual box 5. I just tested 5.

Bug looks like a duplicate of this one. Make sure the audio virtualbox ich ac97 audio muted in the tray. So, for a temporary workaround, play a silence track in the background on the guest. I have this issue too and I would say that it started after Windows 10 anniversary update for me as well. This is just the first step, not the final solution. Here is the VBOX. Anyway, I’ve converted all my PCs now to Virtualbox ich ac97 audio 7 host.


[SOLVED] Realtek AC97 – No sound in VirtualBox

Thanks for your help Satish. It sounds like the VirtualBox guys should do one of: I’ve tried every virtuabox of troubleshooting in the book to resolve the issue. I followed all the instructions for Audio Debug but the “Audio: The host audio doesn’t have anything to do with it, virtualbox ich ac97 audio audio is fully virtualized.

Last edited 23 months ago by clintZ28 previous diff. Finally signed up for an account to add my two cents in as well.

Why did you need to restrict this bug to Win64 guest when closing it? Thank you for your attention but I will not use more virtualboxThanks bye. If it helps, my Win10 VM virtualbox ich ac97 audio set to use my Linux sound as such: It hasn’t changed in version 5.

• View topic – Crackling sound in Windows 10 bit

Last edited 21 months ago by thedavix previous diff. Download in other formats: Changelog for VB v 5. Note that although the discussion isn’t useless it really doesn’t virtuqlbox here. What happens if the guest OS itself uses its own local virtualization notably for memory-mapped virtualbox ich ac97 audio registers?


Please do not post photographs from your cell phone? Virtualbox ich ac97 audio still fighting with the behavior of the audio code. Will check with pulse and report back. So the reason is somewhere else, and the response about missing bit support is not relevant.

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